With regular preventative HVAC maintenance, you can catch small problems before they turn into giant headaches. At Men @ Work Heating & Cooling in Auburn, IN, we offer a multi-point maintenance plan to ensure nothing catches you off guard.

Each preventative maintenance plan comes with these benefits:

  • Preferred Scheduling

  • No Overtime Charges

  • No Breakdown Guarantee

  • Increased Equipment Efficiency

  • Increased Equipment Life

  • Factory Warranty Compliance

  • Up To 15% Discount on Repairs

  • Comprehensive System Maintenance


When we say “for a job done right”, we mean it. Our experienced technicians are licensed to work on all types and brands of heating and cooling equipment. We make it our mission to systematically inspect and properly maintain your heating and cooling system. Our technicians are experts in the field, and undergo annual continuing education to make sure they are always staying at the top of their skill set. We have so much faith in our technicians and the advantages of annual system maintenance, that we offer every residential customer who has had our service completed a “No Breakdown Guarantee”.

We guarantee that once we have completed the annual preventive maintenance service on your HVAC system, we will advise you of any small problems before they lead to a larger issue or even a breakdown. If we miss something and it causes a breakdown (barring acts of God or any other unforeseen circumstances) in the same season – we will return for FREE – no trip charge, diagnostic fee, or service call fee.

However, if we recommend a repair and you decline to make the repair and it leads to a breakdown, our regular repair charges will apply, including any applicable overtime rates. Our technicians don’t recommend unnecessary repairs – that’s not who we are! We want to make sure your system is working at peak performance so you stay comfortable all year!

Let us be your trusted HVAC partner.

We will keep your heating & cooling system in tip-top shape.

My unit needs attention!